LifeShaker 1.0.2

A fresh to do list for Mac


  • Multiple views
  • Sound effects


  • Interface can be confusing for some

Very good

Lifeshaker is a todo list organizer with an interface reminiscent of flashcards. The program window is cut up into 3 sections: on the left a categories list, the top part is a grid view of your goals, and the bottom part shows your goals and steps. Adding these is easy to do, and you'll see them automatically appear in your grid view. The way the application is structured means that the interface is never too cluttered with ideas. Lifeshaker also includes numerous sound effects for different actions.

I personally experienced a few crashes when adding multiple steps to my goals, but this seldom occurs. I also personally did get a bit confused by the interface at times, as there aren't necessarily many explanations as to how to get started with the program.

Lifeshaker has a different take on to do lists. If you like using flash cards and want a colorful look at your tasks, you'll like this program.

Does the world really need yet another to-do list program? We think so. You see the problem with a traditional to-do list, whether on paper, a computer screen or even a tablet of stone's a list and quite frankly there's nothing more uninspiring than a list of tasks.

LifeShaker revolutionises to-do lists with its unique interface and novel approach to getting stuff done:

  • See nine goals at a glance in LifeShaker's innovative grid view
  • Shake up the grid to bring new goals into the mix
  • Create categories for your goals and give them custom colours
  • Break a goal down into steps and see only the next step in the grid
  • Marvel at the top secret code that keeps the grid view fresh
  • Prioritise your goals with our special stars
  • Drag completed goals to the tick and hear the sweet sound of success
  • Drop those pesky goals (that you're avoiding) on the Backburner but mind your's hot!
  • ...and listen out for some nifty sound effects

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LifeShaker 1.0.2

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